No Cake

One hand grasped the umbrella and one hand pushed my skirt down as the gale force winds and lashing rain tried to take out my only protection from the elements and remove my dignity.

What a day to pick for my first shopping trip in ages and my first visit to Birmingham in a frock.

I fought the door with the help of Mrs Sox and we stumbled into the Bullring centre. I immediately started to rummage around in my handbag. ‘What are you after’ inquired Mrs Sox as I pulled out a mirror. ‘You look fine …considering’. My fears of looking like I had been dragged through a hedge backwards were unfounded and she was right not looking bad considering was a fair comment. Nevertheless I still felt the need to powder my nose and make sure I looked my best for a wander around the shopping centre.

All the effort was worth it. Mrs Sox picked out a nice black jacket when we were in New Look, which was perfect for what I wanted and thought it would be good to wear that evening.

When we left the shopping centre the weather had improved. The rain had stopped and the wind had eased off slightly, so the walk back to the hotel was a little more pleasant.

Realizing on Thursday night that we had a free weekend, we thought a night out in Birmingham would be good. I had heard lots of good reports about how good a night in Birmingham was so decided that we had to give it a try.

We only managed to get to three places and I would recommend all three. First was the Equator bar. This place had a good relaxing atmosphere and is the ideal place to meet up at the beginning of the evening.

Next place was the Eden Bar. This is a cool place It has a good outside bit for smokers, and one of the bars has a stage. The night we were there they had a cabaret on.

On the way to the Eden bar we passed the Village Inn. It looked pretty lively so this was the next place to try.

It is basically an old pub but feels bigger once you are inside with a couple of different bars and a large outside area. Lots of friendly people here as well

It was about two in the morning when we left and we strolled back to the hotel, as revellers staggered past laughing and joking as they went.

The pubs we visited were great. There are more to visit on an evening, so we intend to return for another night out. Hopefully the weather next time will be better for shopping.

So why is the title of the blog ‘no cake’? When we go away for the weekend Mrs Sox doesn’t have time to bake. So this week I will have to make do with shop bought biscuits and chocolate. It’s tough being a t girl.

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