Two Spirits

It’s been quiet here at Sox towers recently. My work has taken far too much of my time away and so life as a t girl has had to take a back seat.

I found an article in the Guardian on my lunch break. It is a review of a book about the American Indians and tells of how they regarded the transgendered in their community. The article is worth a read and the book may be worth a read too.

Two spirits seems to sum me up better than I could ever explain to anyone. It also seems a nice way to refer to people like me and if any one feels the need, this is my preferred label.

So much has been said about the toilet problem across the pond in the states ’I just want to pee’ seems to be the slogan. It’s a shame that so much controversy can build up over what is a basic need. Hopefully common sense will prevail and I hope it works out OK for you girls in the states.

The snowdrops are looking pretty and the daffodils are looking promising. A night out in Nottingham could be on the cards tomorrow but it will depend on what time I finish work.

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