Post-Christmas blues


It’s been a while since the festivities of Christmas. Long hours at work and no time for a girl to get out and be glam for the past month.

Snow and cold just make me want to curl up on the sofa with the fire ablaze and comforted by a hot cup of tea and a slice of cake.

The garden always looks drab at this time of year and doesn’t really do anything to raise my spirits. I can see the shoots of the daffodils poking through though… hope.

The weather girl says the cold will carry on for a while yet. My heels aren’t good in the snow and it’s too cold to go out in a short dress. It may be a while before I get out again. Roll on summer.

Mrs Sox is making more cake and bread in the Sox Kitchen and I have put another log on the fire. The kettle is boiling, I’d better make the tea.

3 thoughts on “Post-Christmas blues

  1. Chin up girl. The winter snow will give way to the stilletos off spring. January is a rotten time to make either resolutions or to think of summer. It’ll soon go. Why not join us in Blackpool later this month to cheer yourself up


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