A rainy night

Rain lashed against the windscreen as the wiper blades struggled to clear the water. The darkness of the night was illuminated by the cars around me and the blur of brake lights temporarily blinded my vision.

I was late leaving work again and I wanted to be home putting on my makeup and slipping into a tight pencil dress.

We slowed again but this time there was a blue flashing haze on the horizon. The emergency services were busy again. Could it be a breakdown or something more gruesome?

All the cars came to a stop. The dual carriageway was now a wet and windy car park. I sighed and hit the Bluetooth button on my phone, hit the power button on my car radio, and hit random on the music player. Shania Twain’s sexy voice hit my ears …… ‘Let’s go girls’

The hold-up on the road was a shunt between two small cars, and one looked like it would be difficult to move.

I got home a little dishevelled and climbed into the shower. ‘Mmmm’ more water I thought, but at least this was warm. Mrs Sox had made me a cup of tea and had cut a slice of her special Dorset apple cake. I sat on the sofa wrapped in large towels and munched.

Feeling relaxed I got myself ready for a night out in Nottingham. Did the usual thing of changing my mind several times on what dress to wear and laddered a pair of tights. Two hours later, transformed and feeling the buzz I slipped on my leather jacket.

Mrs Sox gave me a kiss as she dropped me off outside the New Foresters. It had only just stopped raining as I swivelled my legs round with my knees together to gracefully exit the car. The music was booming its bass notes to the outside world. I pulled on the brass handle of the well-used black door, the music and loud voices filled my ears.

Having bought a drink from the bar I stood chatting to Rachael, who is always good company. Girls were slowly entering the room and it soon filled up. We formed into our usual groups and headed off to sample some more of the watering holes around Nottingham.

I had brought along a larger handbag so I could carry an umbrella, it wasn’t needed though. We splashed along avoiding the puddles but it didn’t rain for the rest of the night.

I got home tired and happy. I looked in the mirror and saw the girl I am inside. I turned away and didn’t look again. I took my dress and makeup off. Slipped into bed and cuddled into the warm Mrs Sox.


Thanks girls for a making it a good night out.




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