‘T’ life

A guy at work got ink on his eyelid. He had got it on his hand when his pen leaked and he had unknowingly wiped his eye. It became funny because someone made the connection with eye makeup and said that he called himself Tracy at the weekend.

I do think that these jokes would be different or non-existent if they knew I called myself Bobby at the weekend. This type of thing doesn’t bother me but it is starting to wear a bit thin, heard it all before.

One minute I am listening to these old jokes about transvestism the next I am out on the town in a frock and being complemented on how nice I look by real girls.

‘Are you all fellas’ said the passing local girl, a complement to our little transgender group. She had to ask to make sure. ‘You all look great’

We had just vacated The Foresters pub and were on our way to the next watering hole. It was the third Friday of the month and the ‘girls’ were out on The Nottingham Invasion.

This night out is different to most ‘T’ girl nights out because we just go to places where there are the vanilla masses and we mingle. Always a good night too

The shade of blue on his eye was quite nice, it took him quite a while to get it off……gives me an idea for what colour eye shadow to use next time I am out.

4 thoughts on “‘T’ life

  1. Hi Bobby, I wonder if you would like to share this on ‘strata of the self’? And I’d like to post it with one of the pictures of you and the suitcase in the hall.
    What do you think?
    Ashley Lily 🙂


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