sparkle 2014 (cheesy Balls)

It is sparkle weekend. Myself and Mrs Sox had spent all the previous evening deciding what to wear and packing our cases. We had been looking forward to the weekend away for some time. So we were a little disappointed when we woke to find that it was raining. But no matter, we had a quick breakfast and loaded the car for the off.

Once on the motorway I realized that a wide load was going to prove difficult to pass and decided to stop off at the services to let it slip away. After that the rain stopped and the sun shone. We changed our route and with the weather getting better decided to go a more scenic route taking in the A57 snake pass. Blue skies, great scenery and our favourite music on the wireless.

We stayed at the Days Inn hotel. It is not an expensive hotel but we were still a little disappointed by the size of the room.  Size isn’t everything and the room does have an ironing board a decent hair dryer and a Bible. The lighting was also poor for doing make up too. We dumped our bags and went shopping.

In the evening Mrs Sox and I met up with Gina and Emma and we sampled the local bars hospitality. There are plenty of places on Canal Street to quench ones thirst. The bars were very full and the street outside, which is closed off to traffic, was teeming with revellers. There was a good atmosphere and a good evening was had by all.

The morning was bright and we were greeted by the sun as we woke. Time to sample breakfast. Gina had said that she judges a good hotel by the quality of the sausages. Mrs Sox always enjoys a good sausage in the mornings and I can say that we were both very satisfied.

After finally deciding on what summer dress to wear, we headed to the park for a quick look around the stalls before meeting up with Sue Richmond , who had kindly organised a meal for the girls at Villagios restaurant. After a spicy pizza and a good old chat with the girls we headed back into the park to watch a bit of the on stage entertainment. We relaxed in the sun and let our meal digest before heading back to the hotel to get ready for the evening.

In the evening we decided to go to places we hadn’t been the previous evening and found friendly people in all the bars.  Mrs Sox being more of a morning person decided to call it a day at around midnight. So I decided to go and find a club. On the way I met  Louise Gillian Cox and Leanne James who were on their way to Vanilla. We had a drink in there and finished the night off in the ‘New York New York’ V.I.P. bar upstairs.  On exit from the club the sun had risen and I took a leisurely stroll back to the hotel.

Mrs Sox’s  morning alarm brought me from my slumber (OUCH). She informed me of the fact that she would like breakfast and I replied by saying ‘I thought it sick that the management of the hotel would organise breakfast in the middle of the night’ to which she replied Its 8.45!…….am

When I eventually made myself presentable we headed for the dining room. The hotel management had cunningly changed the room where breakfast was held yesterday and didn’t give any clear signs to inform or direct us as to where it might actually be. Eventually a flustered member of staff noticed our plight and informed us of its location.

Breakfast was as good as the previous day and we had a nice chat with a couple of t girls around the rather large round communal table. Sometimes unfortunately the clothes sense of some T girls is questionable. But on this occasion the ‘just stolen from a washing line’ look with your tackle on show left some of the diners feeling less hungry than they thought they were and the sausages and tomatoes were left on their plate untouched.

Unfortunately we didn’t sample Sundays Sparkle in the park entertainment, having to get back home to more mundane tasks in life.

The drive back was made more pleasant when we decided to stop off and treat ourselves to some cheesy balls. At one point Mrs Sox had so much in her mouth she couldn’t speak.

On the whole a nice relaxing weekend. A pat on the back and thumbs up to the organizers.

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