It’s been a while now since Conchita Wurst won Eurovision. I do wonder whether it’s done more harm than good. The difference between a drag queen and a transvestite still seems to confuse, as Conchita has been called both before and after her victory.

For years now men donning woman’s clothing on television has not been unusual – The Two Ronnies, Dick Emery and up to the present day Little Britain. It’s always been made fun of though, as if it’s the only way the general public can accept it. Before the live show was held the One show did a piece on Eurovision and both Matt Baker and Alex Jones where sniggering at a pic of Conchita, I thought that was disrespectful.

I have seen the reaction people have to me. On the good side I get compliments. On the negative side people snigger, whisper and even shield their children by putting their arms around them as I walk past. What harm do they think will come to their children as I pass by?

These same people must have seen the drag queens on their televisions and at least have heard of Conchita Wurst.

Conchita dedicated her win to “everyone who believes in a future of peace and freedom” So what is there to fear?

May be the beard was a step too far for the general public. But would she have won the competition without it? As far as being remembered as someone who championed acceptance and freedom, she will probably be remembered as that bearded guy, in a dress, that won Eurovision.

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