Sparkle (the prelude)

Its two weeks(ish) to Sparkle 2014. It’s been happening for 10 years. This time round will be the fourth time we have attended.

Frocks have been bought and shoes have been decided on. The hotel is booked and my piggy bank has just about enough in it to get us through the weekend.

One of the biggest things I love about going to an event is playing with make up and dresses beforehand. The bedroom takes on the appearance of a burgled property, but every now and then I have to tidy up because I can’t find anything. All part of the fun.

There is also … I quite enjoy shopping in Manchester, we don’t get there very often so it’s nice to explore and wander around somewhere different.

For me and a lot of T girls the mirror is a little like a light to a firefly. Our transformation from he to she takes US by surprise, let alone other people we know. So looking in the mirror and taking pictures is all part of what gives us the kicks when dressing up.

Some girls I haven’t seen for ages and Sparkle gives us the chance to catch up, have a drink, stagger back to the hotel and then meet up the next day and chat about how much our feet hurt.


See you there


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