Nottingham Invaded

The Nottingham Tgirl night out has been going on for quite a while now and there is a core of girls that keep things going. This week end had quality girls out rather than quantity.

The Foresters is the usual starting point and the staff is as welcoming as always. It was a windy night but I think everyone’s hair survived the onslaught between venues.

The Lord Roberts was to be the second watering hole we visited and is a good place for a site down and get to know any new girls out and also catch up with old friends. After this we poured ourselves into Revolution. This place is full of mostly young people enjoying themselves and plays music that is more up to date than the 80’s stuff that I still tend to listen to but the atmosphere is friendly and on occasion we have been known to educate the less well informed of what It means to be trans.

At this point we decided to finish the night off in NG1 a night club that lets us in for half the normal price. Friendly staff there too. There is a place to chill and a place to dance what more could a girl want at 3 in the morning.

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