Photo shoot

Tn the hall
In the hall

My life and the universe have been in turmoil. The planets aligned, faced Leo and took aim. My shields held and the good ship USS SOX is now on course again.

I was going to give a list of all the things that have happened over the past few months but it would take quite a while and to be honest most of it seems to be behind us now. I am looking forward to what we have planned for this year. A nice holiday and a weekend at the Manchester Sparkle event are just two.

We have still got plenty to do but on Sunday I said to Mrs Sox ‘lets do things we like doing today’. Obviously in my case it was putting on a bit of lippy, a nice frock and taking some pics. In Mrs Sox case it was baking and making cakes.

As I was getting ready I found an outfit that I had bought over a year ago. I had an Idea for a few pics so I played around with that  and hopefully you will like the results.

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