Nottingham Invaded

The Nottingham Tgirl night out has been going on for quite a while now and there is a core of girls that keep things going. This week end had quality girls out rather than quantity. The Foresters is the usual starting point and the staff is as welcoming as always. It was a windy night … More Nottingham Invaded


The sun was high in the sky and I could feel a gentle light breeze on my legs. The grass was warm and soft on my feet. ¬†All I could hear was the crickets in the shrub behind me. Looking forward the sea was like a mill pond. In the distance a ship was slipping … More Conundrum

Photo shoot

My life and the universe have been in turmoil. The planets aligned, faced Leo and took aim. My shields held and the good ship USS SOX is now on course again. I was going to give a list of all the things that have happened over the past few months but it would take quite … More Photo shoot