Time slip

The earth carried on spinning but time stopped and lost all meaning. Space distorted into a swirling blur and sound muffled into a meaningless cacophony. Faces of euphoria and confusion slipped in and out of view. ….

I was entering the Meadow hall shopping centre.

It was a Sunday afternoon and as the festivities of Christmas approached a shopping trip was suggested by Mrs Sox as possibly the best way to gather the usual pile of rubbish to distribute among the relatives.

I went into this place clean shaven and came out looking like Robinson Crusoe after his internment on the desert island. It was a bright sunny winter’s day when we entered but dark, cold and dreary when we came out.

Feeling abused and fleeced, I slipped my worn out and tattered credit card back into its home. Every time I open my purse, now all I hear is a faint whimper and a snuffle.

Merry Christmas

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