Sad days

Three weeks ago my Dad passed away. He had been suffering from strokes for the last few years, so we knew it was coming, but it is never easy. Things are a little more stressful because I have to sort out his things and get the house up for sale. My Mum died of cancer a few years ago and my Dad never really got over it. He always said ‘he just wanted to be with Mum’.

I had to think of a message to put on the card for the flowers but I couldn’t do it. I didn’t know what to put so looked on Google for a nice verse. All the ones I read just made me well up and it was a matter of seconds before I was a gibbering wreck and incapable of any speech. In the end Mrs Sox had to help and she only just managed it.

I hope there is an afterlife. It would be nice to think there is a place for our soul when we die.


4 thoughts on “Sad days

  1. Thanks girls. I am feeling a lot better now. xxx
    I am moving on, One of my neices is having a baby soon. If its a boy they will name it after my dad if its a girl, they will name it after my mum ….which seems a nice thing to do from my perspective 🙂


  2. It’s difficult to know what to put, in that you want to say something that will help you. ❤ All I can say is, it will get a little easier and as Jenny says, keep thinking about the good times you had. Thinking of you {{}}


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