moving forwards ?

Well I have had another nice weekend.  I didn’t manage to get to Leeds but instead Mrs Sox and I went to the ballet. Northern Ballet’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Theatre Royal was a really enjoyable.

Usually I have painted toe nails no one can see and it makes me happy when I walk around the house without shoes.  At the weekend if I don’t have to go into work I do my fingernails too.

Mrs Sox doesn’t usually like me wearing makeup in Bob mode but when we went to the ballet I put on a small amount of foundation and mascara.

We had been to Boots the previous week and I had bought some No.7 mascara and I ask her if she would mind me wearing it when we were out at the ballet. So in the usual pushing the boundary style I put on some foundation as well and ask her how I looked. She smiled and said I looked younger. Result.

So I am now in a busy bar I have pale pink nails, foundation, stud earrings and mascara on. The rest is bob mode stuff jeans t shirt and trainers. The thing is, no double looks apart from the bar maid that noticed the nails and gave me a smile.

At the ballet we were mid row and I was sitting next to a group of girls. In the interval the girl next to me said she liked my nails and I thanked her. Within a matter of seconds my phone buzzed and I had a text. It was from Mrs Sox it just said ‘tart’ this this is becoming a term of endearment from her and she is saying it more often……….

2 thoughts on “moving forwards ?

  1. Pushing the envelope is a slow and tedious process. Saturday night I took my wife to dinner. Before leaving she wondered why it took me longer than usual to dress. While exiting the car she noticed that I was wearing pantihose with no socks. It was not until we got home that she also realized that I was wearing a bra as well.
    All in due time with the baby steps approach of coming out.


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