Monday morning blues


I haven’t blogged in a while, Life tuck on the mundane. Family matters, DIY and work took me away from putting on a bit of lippy, throwing a dress on and enjoying being me. This weekend was me time.

Today has arrived with a bit of melancholy. I am having a shower getting rid of my girly odour and taking off my pink nail varnish ready for work. At least I don’t have to be up at five am and can take my time. A leisurely breakfast and writing my blog is just like therapy and helps me face the working week.

The weekend started with getting ready and meeting with the girls at the Nottingham Invasion monthly T girl bash. I had a little too much coke though and by the end of the evening started to sway and eventually had no choice but to sit down.

Saturday was spent messing with make up. I was playing with eye shadow but every time I showed Mrs Sox she just shook her head and said it looked like I had a bruise or a black eye! At least I am learning what not to do. After a while the excesses of Friday night started to kick in so I decided to catch up with the programmes I had recorded and chilled out in a mini dress on the settee.

Sunday was a great day the sun shone and Mr Sox and I went to a food fair at Clumber Park. We sampled wine and all sorts of food. We watched celebrity chefs make fools of themselves and watched a band in one of the marquees while sipping an ice cold smoothy.

Thanks to all the girls for being around on Friday night hopefully I didn’t make too much of a fool of myself.

See you all soon  xxx

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