The urge

My need to put on a dress and play with makeup waxes and wanes. I think I was trannied  out after Sparkle and then LFF. Then I had a couple of weeks off work. I am beginning to think my urge is linked to stress as well as many other things too.

It hasn’t gone all together, I was putting some clothes away after washing them and I just felt better putting an outfit on and doing the usual things around the house.

Now after a few years of being ‘out’ to my wife I don’t feel the frustration and guilt I used to. I am more relaxed in general.

One of the things I have realized is the fact that I get mild depression. It’s took me all these years to come to this conclusion. When things get dark I struggle to get to work, I have no energy and it seems like a lot of days I waste away not being able to do anything much.

Then there are the highs, some days I am full of energy and bounce and feeling really happy. So may be the happiness and my urge to dress have some form of cycle?

That was a bit of a ramble. Maybe my urge to write a blog is part of this cycle ?

2 thoughts on “The urge

  1. I was the same, I actually havent dressed up since Sparkle but the urge has been building up over the past week or two, I think on my next day off ill have to indulge myself a little.

    Do you have any idea what could be causing your depression? Ive been struggling with it on and off for a few years now and if its getting to the point where you cant function some days, that isnt good and it could be worth speaking to someone about it (counsellor, GP, etc).


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