Holidays in the sun

Aaargh don’t touch me wailed Mrs Sox. Her glowing red shoulders glistening in the dark were a beacon to shipping.  Earlier that day we had forgotten the sun cream.

It was raining on the morning that we travelled down to Cornwall. It didn’t matter, we were going to have a relaxing holiday. By the time we got down there, the sun was shining and it was hot. So after a quick unpack and a change into shorts we headed for the beach.

On St Agnes beach is Schooners, a bar that is built on the rocks and looks out to sea  and is a really good place to sip your favourite tipple and watch the sun go down. This is how we finished our first day in Cornwall.

The next day we relaxed in the sun, went surfing and when the tide was out walked along the beach checking out the rock pools. In the evening we planned our next day in the Driftwood Spars. It wasn’t much of a plan we pretty much did the same thing all week.

On the Friday the day started quite dull. The weather had been great all week so we thought that it was the end of the good weather, so went to St Ives to look around the shops there and get a Pasty.

When we got there it was still dull and looked like it would rain. We parked the car, put our rain macs in a bag and headed for retail therapy. It wasn’t long though before the sun came out and we sat on the beach and ate our pasty while people watching.

At this point there was a guy with his young son on the beach running around enjoying the space. The guy then starts to talk to his son and points to a seagull and says ‘look at the duck’? Poor child will grow up all confused I think.

At the end of the day we get back in the car and Mrs Sox says’ I think I have caught the sun’. We put some after sun cream on but to no avail. Later I could feel her glow from across the table in the bar.ImageImageImageImage

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