Man things

The last few weeks have been taken up with DIY and man things. My gloom only lasted a short time and as usual I came out of it wanting to ‘do’ things. We had a couple of conifers that were too close to the house and the fence, so I decided that they had to … More Man things

The urge

My need to put on a dress and play with makeup waxes and wanes. I think I was trannied  out after Sparkle and then LFF. Then I had a couple of weeks off work. I am beginning to think my urge is linked to stress as well as many other things too. It hasn’t gone … More The urge

Holidays in the sun

Aaargh don’t touch me wailed Mrs Sox. Her glowing red shoulders glistening in the dark were a beacon to shipping.  Earlier that day we had forgotten the sun cream. It was raining on the morning that we travelled down to Cornwall. It didn’t matter, we were going to have a relaxing holiday. By the time … More Holidays in the sun