Last week

I had a week off work last week. I just needed to relax away from work. I did as little as possible. The main event though was going to my son’s graduation. He got a first in in his computer programming course and can now put BSc (hons) after his name. To say Mrs Sox and I are proud of our son is an understatement.

On the day the sun was shining and all the girls wore their pretty dresses. Mixed feelings about this as most cross dressers will understand, it was very much a fashion show for the latest trends. I had to go undercover and wear a suit and tie. After the formal part of the presentations and speech’s everyone gathered on the lawn where there was a marquee with food and drink on sale. It was a lovely day lots of pictures taken to show to the family.

Not only has our son got a fancy bit of paper proclaiming the brilliance of his intellect but he now has a job. At the end of his course he did a presentation on the project he had been doing for his degree. It was a mobile phone app and website.

Afterwards several people came to talk to him and wanted to chat about employment prospects. The long and short of it is that he go offered two jobs and made the decision to go to a company that does web design.

My birpyday

On Saturday I will be 39 again, Mrs sox and I will be going to Leeds for the monthly, Leeds First Friday T Girl outing. I shall be mainly drinking. I am hoping for a nice warm evening so I can wear something short and not have to scamper from place to place trying to stay warm and dry.

Next week we will be in Cornwall and hoping to enjoy the walks and views that only the Cornish coast offers.

3 thoughts on “Last week

  1. Congrats and polite applause to Mr Sox.

    Also, commiserations on another on this rock… What? Oh, sorry. Apparently, it’s more traditional to wish you many happy returns. Earth customs. They’re a mess. 😉

    I had to go undercover and wear a suit and tie

    LOL 🙂


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