The law of sod

I enjoy gardening, I find it relaxing and rewarding. A little bit of a tidy up here, a move of a plant there, can make things look so much nicer. The lawn though, after a dry spell always starts to look a little worse because of the lack of rain, so I don’t mow it as often as I usually would.

The gods decided my lawn needed a drink and just as our new prince was born the sky filled with dark clouds, thunder boomed and lightning gave off an impressive electrical show, the heavens opened and down came the rain.

This was just the spur the plants and the grass needed and so this morning seeing that the weather had improved and the grass was reaching skywards I got out my mower.

As previous readers of my blog may have noticed I lost my car keys a couple of weeks ago. I decided I needed to get a new set. So I battled the afore mentioned elements, rain, thunder, lightning and the madness on the roads that always seem to happen when we get bad weather. Got a key cut and visited my local alarm specialist for a new fob for my alarm. So now I had a spare set of keys again.

We have three parts to our garden. The house is on a corner so we have a back, front and side gardens. The side garden this summer we have not mowed and allowed the wild flowers to come through. It’s amazing how many insects, bees and butterflies this has encouraged, so we are very pleased with this and will be carrying this on next year too.

With the back garden mowed and not having to worry about the side, I went around the front and plugged in. The sun started to shine and I was in my own thoughts the mower hummed and the birds were in chorus. I had to stop abruptly though. I could not believe it my keys were there in the middle of the grass. I had nearly mowed them up!

These keys had sat on the front grass for nearly 2 weeks. If anyone had noticed them they could have got in the house tried on my dresses eaten my food opened the garage and drove away in a 400 horse-power car. That would have been interesting explaining that to the insurance company.

So doing the garden today was a little more rewarding than it usually is.

One thought on “The law of sod

  1. The idea of a flower meadow sounds very nice indeed. Not sure if our dandelion infestation at the side counts as the same, though. 🙂

    Good news on the key front too.


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