Weather, night out and still no car keys.


Well I wasn’t going to mention it. I don’t know if you have noticed but it is a bit warm in old blighty at the moment. I love it when it’s this warm. Sun bathing in the garden and sipping iced rum and coke. Captain Morgan makes a few quid out of me in this weather.

I still haven’t found my car keys (see last post) and it’s too warm to carry on looking. I am now hoping they will turn up by themselves when I am looking for something else.

Choosing a dress for a night out is sometimes a frustrating experience.  In these times of austerity you can’t always buy a new dress for an occasion. So with the bedroom looking like an explosion in a dress factory I finally get to the back of the wardrobe. This time I didn’t find Narnia but what I did find was a red, strappy, lacy dress that I had bought for another occasion but ended up not going. It fitted the bill perfectly. None of the girls had seen it before and it was light enough to keep me cool on a warm summer evening. I also knew that the perfect shoe and handbag combination lay under the mountain of garments on the bed.

So with my pink nails and blond hair I headed towards my awaiting car and headed into town. This evening was the Nottingham Invasion. An evening organized by T girls to encourage the less confident girls to venture out, and also to let Joe public know we are here.

We always start at the New Foresters pub. The landlady and staff are always nice and look after us well. After that we just head into the town centre and hit the bars and clubs.

A great night was had by us all and although the recollection of the events later in the evening get a little blurred I did remember how to get home.

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