sparkle weekend

The adventure started by me losing my car keys. Not a good start but the sun was shining and I did have a spare. Once on the motorway all seemed good until everyone’s brake lights came on and a horse was trotting along the hard shoulder seeming oblivious to the danger that was whizzing by. Twenty miles later and there was the carcase of an exploded lorry tyre to contend with or rather all the bits of it covering all three lanes.

All that negotiated we finally got to our destination, the nice Double Tree Hilton Piccadilly Manchester. The room was nice with its apple mac tv, computer and above all air conditioning.

The air conditioning was very important as the weekend proved to be as sweltering as the previous week. I had taken coats and cardigans but there was no need for them. Short summer dress and heels were pulled from the suit case. A quick bit of makeup was slapped on with a bit of lippy and we were good to go.

The short hot walk to Canal Street was fabulous the warm sun on my legs and the odd double take from passers-by made the trip worth it just for that.

We stopped at Taurus the first bar we came to. With cider purchased from the bar we sat outside and started chatting to some girls. The thing about T girls is how friendly they all are. We hadn’t met any of the ones we talked to before on that first walk out on the Friday afternoon but all were very friendly.

The whole weekend was fabulous meeting with friends and relaxing in the sun. On the Saturday we had dinner in  Villaggios on canal street. This was organized and hosted by the lovely Sue Richmond. Thanks to Sue we all had a lovely time.

On both Friday and Saturday nights we chatted and danced into the early hours with old and new friends, visiting the various pubs and clubs along Canal Street.

Sunday morning came round very quickly and we had to pack and start the trip home but not before a quick bit of shopping.

Driving home proved to be less of an adventure than the trip out but the comfort of your own bed comes at the price of having to go to work the next day. Now where did I put those  keys?


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