Love is

A washing Machine……. I was sat there just had my tea. All of a sudden Mrs. Sox says ‘I have nothing to wash’. It wasn’t really out of the blue because a week earlier we had received delivery of a new washing machine.

The old machine had given good service lasting 12 years; though in that time it did require surgery on one or two occasions. But the doctor diagnosed a brain problem this time (the little computor/ electronics had  failed) the cost for the part would be about the same as a new machine its self.

So I said to Mrs. Sox looks like we need to get a new one, do you want to have a look on the net and find something suitable.

Well I look on the net and dream about that car or motorbike I would buy if I won on the lottery. I would know were to go straight away.

It was quite a surprise that my good lady had been doing something similar with washing machines and found Samsung’s web site within seconds, Its ecobubbles and LCD display was what she needed.

The new machine arrived and the old one was said good bye to, its plastic top was patted and the man took it away.

As soon as it was installed, my wife became a musician playing  notes happily with its buttons and little chuckles coming from the utility room and then coming and telling me all of its functions. About half an hour later with a big smile said ‘listen listen’……A fanfare dually sounded heralding apparently the end of the washing cycle.

Thank you Samsung

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