Last week

I had a week off work last week. I just needed to relax away from work. I did as little as possible. The main event though was going to my son’s graduation. He got a first in in his computer programming course and can now put BSc (hons) after his name. To say Mrs Sox … More Last week

warm day

It was a warm day. As I lay on the couch a fan was blowing at the hem of my blue flowery dress. I could feel his warm breath on my neck and I could smell his expensive musky aftershave as it pirouetted around my blushing face. He had smooth hands, a soft voice when … More warm day

The law of sod

I enjoy gardening, I find it relaxing and rewarding. A little bit of a tidy up here, a move of a plant there, can make things look so much nicer. The lawn though, after a dry spell always starts to look a little worse because of the lack of rain, so I don’t mow it … More The law of sod

sparkle weekend

The adventure started by me losing my car keys. Not a good start but the sun was shining and I did have a spare. Once on the motorway all seemed good until everyone’s brake lights came on and a horse was trotting along the hard shoulder seeming oblivious to the danger that was whizzing by. … More sparkle weekend

Sparkle 2013 (prep)

I am sat here enjoying the last of the weekend’s glorious weather. My toe nails painted pink, a short summer dress on and a glass of rum and coke by my side. Nothing could be better. Everyone seems to be looking forward to Sparkle in the park ‘the National Transgender Celebration’ in Manchester next weekend, … More Sparkle 2013 (prep)

Love is

A washing Machine……. I was sat there just had my tea. All of a sudden Mrs. Sox says ‘I have nothing to wash’. It wasn’t really out of the blue because a week earlier we had received delivery of a new washing machine. The old machine had given good service lasting 12 years; though in … More Love is