lets chat

Rain and sunshine today. The weather is a bit like the way I feel. Girly me wants to get all made up but male me can’t be arsed to get up and sod off and leave me in piece.  Like the weather I don’t know what to do.

Last Thursday I was going to get out to the local Chameleons meeting but after my tea I fell asleep on the settee. That’s the problem with getting up at ten to five in the morning for work, the body just can’t cope with seeing two five o’clock’s in the same day.

Anyway I keep reading blogs were other trans girls are taking exception to being asked intimate questions when they are out and I can understand these girls’ point of view. On the other hand I myself  don’t mind these questions because if they broach the subject of whether I am gay or not I ask them if they are lesbian or gay back. For me it’s usually girls and I always ask them the question back in the same way they have asked me.

On one occasion a nice looking girl with her friends came up and talked to me they were polite and complemented me on my appearance and asked me if ‘I did it with men’ my reply was ‘you mean anal sex’ she nodded, seemingly unable to speak the words and my reply was ‘No I don’t do you ‘ she paused briefly, which gave away the fact that she did and realizing by the look on my face that she had given me the answer anyway said ‘yes…my husband wants it all the time’  and then went on to tell me about the rest of her relationship with her partner.

Too much information perhaps but sometimes people want to talk and this person is a friend on Facebook now.

When we meet with others that want to chat, let’s talk, it’s the only way we will be understood. You never know, you might make a friend.

3 thoughts on “lets chat

  1. In a just and civil society, there would be only one 5 o’clock during the day. 😦

    As to the intimate questions, I feel a little left out having never been asked by Jo(e) Public. Perhaps it’s one of the benefits of me having a Shrek-like visage 🙂

    Good call on the lady over the questioning, though,


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